Hancom Robotics, specialized in intelligent robots
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Hancom Robotics, established in 2002 as a company specialized in intelligent robots, is creating innovation in the robotics industry along with the trend of the fourth industrial revolution by supplying robots applied with the latest ICT technology(e.g., autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, voice and face recognition) to various industrial areas.

Based on robotics technology and autonomous driving technology accumulated over the years, Hancom Robotics is supplying logistics robots to smart factories for effectively transporting materials and products. Also, by providing Korea’s first intelligent guide robot—capable to serve as a docent; supports multilingual guide—to museums and exhibitions, Hancom Robotics is making a contribution to providing contactless guide services.

Particularly, in preparation for "a robot in every home" in the future, Hancom Robotics is actively developing and supplying AI home robots for providing creative education and interaction. By expanding into the areas of educational services and caring services for those excluded from digital services, Hancom Robotics will be creating a world where humans and robots live together.


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