Elligen, Autonomous Driving Interactive Guide Robot

Elligen, AI interactive guide robot, moves around indoor spaces in public facilities (e.g., hotels, museums, exhibitions, shopping malls) using autonomous driving and location recognition and provides contactless guide services to people.
Particularly, Elligen provides multi-lingual conversation services based on AI chatbot and voice recognition function in museums or exhibitions.


  • 01

    Intelligent Guide Service

    Stable autonomous driving guide based on high precision rider sensorContactless guide using facial recognition, voice recognition, touch screenExpressions to audience using different facial emotionsMulti-lingual service (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)Automatic response search to questions

  • 02

    Non-contact Quarantine Service

    AI-based real-time non-contact temperature measurements on multiple persons at a 3-meter distance and sends notification to manager in the case of detection of abnormally high temperatureDetects those not wearing mask and provides guidanceFloor disinfection and sterilization with UV - C LEDAttach / Detach accessory devices (e.g., hand sanitizer)

  • 03

    Reduction in Maintenance Costs

    Cost reduction in content creation using robot contents making toolAutomatic self-recharging in charging station after checking remaining battery status

  • 04

    Robot Monitoring Service

    Robot status and service situation managementRobot position management and autonomous driving map settingResponse to emergency situations based on robot remote control from manager

Curator Robot at museum

Qi is Korea’s first intelligent cultural information curator robot for providing narration at museums and exhibitions. Supports various services at several institutions in 2018; National Museum of Korea, National Museum in Naju, National Museum onJeju,National Library of Korea, National Library for Children and Young Adults, and Jeju International Airport. It acts as a commentator providing narration about history and culture in exhibitions using foreign languages in situations where face-to-faceexplanationis difficult.

Product Specifications

Use case

AI Exhibition Guide Service

  • Greetings to visitors

  • Provides general information

  • Exhibition guide

  • Automatic charging

Non-contact Quarantine Service

  • Body temperature measurements on visitors

  • Detecting those not wearing masks

  • Sending alarm messages for abnormal targets

  • Floor disinfection and sterilization with UV - light


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