Hancom Malang Malang Toki 2

Toki H2 is a next-generation, AI-powered
smart home service robot that provides a variety of services,
including education, entertainment, child care, and crime prevention.


  • 01

    Video Call

    Convenient video calls through a robot face

  • 02

    Coding Education Service

    Robot coding education using exclusive mobileapplication: speaking, expressing emotions, alarms, videoplaying, motions, etc.

  • 03

    AI Conversation Service

    Conversations in Korean and English using AI

  • 04

    Taking a photo

    Make and share own photo album

Product Specifications

Use case

Personal Assistant Service

  • Provides wide range of intelligent assistant service using simultaneous AI-based facial and object recognition.

Home Security Service

  • Sounds an alarm and sends text alerts to a family member once detecting strangers.

Family Voice-driven Storytelling Service

  • Provides storytelling in a family voice using voice synthesis technology.

Cognitive Q&A Service

  • Understands the meaning and context of questions and gives appropriate answers by natural language question generation and answering using Machine Reading Comprehension(MRC) technology.

Home IoT Service

  • Controls home IoT devices based on voice commands.

Memory Sharing Service

  • Reminds family of their important moments and precious memories by managing family members’ day-to-day data, including photos, videos, and messages, using an AI service platform. 

Entertainment Service

  • Provides the personalized entertainment service such as games, music, and dance to each family member.

Educational Content Service with Robot Motion

  • Provides fun learning content for children by speaking and dancing in collaboration with various educational content providers.


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