Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Hancom Robotics Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)
provide optimized solutions for logistics automation in industrial worksites.

Monitoring system supports universal interface for linking with diverse industrial facilities
and upper-level operating systems forfast and effective handling of logistics.


  • 01

    Device Design Optimized for Customer Worksite

    Provides low-height, forklift type, conveyor type, target-following deviceSLAM, QR, magnetic, RF, or hybrid type measuring system is applied according to the worksite environmentCan be applied to the worksite layout or changes in the work positionInternational standard protocol (OPC UA) supported for different kinds of industrial devices and communication

  • 02

    Stable transportation of freight without causing vibration on upper part in the case of sudden braking

    Two-layer lift type applied for freight loading stabilityDetects obstacles and responds to them according to their distance (slow moving / emergency stop)

  • 03

    Precise Autonomous Driving Service

    Precise driving technology applied with Lidar, QR, magnetic, 3D depth camera technologyPosition precision : SLAM type 土 50 mm (error range)
    QR induction type 土 5 mm (error range)
    Provides stable autonomous driving on uneven surfaces by using device design applied with independent patent (all-time 6-wheel ground technology) technology

  • 04

    Effective Fleet Management System (FMS)

    Route and traffic management for effectively operating multiple number of AGVs
    :traffic control for allocating proper work amount to worksite and for optimizing logistics workflow
    Provides report on AGV operation results
    : AGV status monitoring (health, battery, location, job) and guidance on replacement interval of consumable parts
    Automatic charging management depending on remaining battery amount

Product Specifications

Hancom Robotics low-height AMR is an autonomous mobile robot useful for transporting different types of devices between each process in the worksite.

Model NamePSV600MJ / 1000SA
Induction TypeQR Guide / Autonomous Driving
Max Payload600Kg / 1,000Kg
Body Size710 x 950 x 480 / 972 x 1030 x 535
Work TypeLow-height (lift up / down type)
Driving PerformanceMax Speed 1 -2 m/s
Forward / Backward spin-turn (DD type )
Position AccuracyQR type : ± 5 mm
SLAM : ± 50 mm
Operating Time8h (operation) / 2h (charging)
BatteryLi-ion (24V, 70Ah / 80Ah)
FeaturesDocking on device or docker
Docking can be moved to rack bottom part

Hancom Robotics forklift AMR is an autonomous mobile robot optimized for transporting items loaded on containers in the manufacturing worksite.

Model NameFL400
Induction TypeQR guide / autonomous driving / video
Max Payload400Kg
Body Size1430 x 1060 x 570
Work TypeForklift up / down type
Driving PerformanceMax speed 0.5m/s
Forward / Backward
Position Accuracy±50mm
Operating Time8h (operation) / 2h (charging)
BatteryLi-ion (24V, 50 / 110Ah)
FeaturesUseful for loading and transporting containers
Transporting containers located on the floor
Electronic lifting device
3-wheel operating type

Hancom Robotics conveyor AMR is an autonomous mobile robot used for transporting loaded items between each facility in the worksite by operating a conveyor.

Model NamePSV6002C / 1000C
Induction TypeQR guide / autonomous driving
Max Payload600Kg / 1,000Kg
Body Size710 x 994 x 1,172 / 1100 x 1660 x 350
Work Type1-layer / 2-layer conveyor type
Driving PerformanceMax speed 1.2m/s
Forward / Backward spin-turn (DD type)
Position AccuracyQR type : ±5mm
SLAM : ±50mm
Operating Time8h (operation) / 2h (charging)
BatteryLi-ion (24V, 70Ah / 80Ah)
FeaturesTransportation between facilities without using an exclusive holder and docking on facility inlet for transporting freight using a conveyor

Target-following AMR is an autonomous mobile robot following the user, which can be used as a cart conveyor in the manufacturing worksite or logistics center.

Model NamePSV600FM
Induction TypeRF / video recognition target-following
Max Payload600Kg
Body Size695.5 x 940.2 x 1244 /
710 x 950 x 480mm
Work TypeManual loading
Driving PerformanceMax speed 1.2m/s
Forward / Backward spin-turn (DD type)
Operating Time8h (operation) / 2h (charging)
BatteryLi-ion (24V, 70Ah)
FeaturesApplied with mobile target tracking technology for tracking movement route
Detects surrounding environment for generating safe driving route
Evades obstacles and operates emergency stop
Installed freight loading cart on upper part

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