Right People

Right people for Hancom Robotics are those having a positive and active mindset for developing one’s potential capabilities and job performance and pursuing innovation, challenge, and passion.
  • Innovation

    Right people for Hancom Robotics pursuereative and sustainable innovationby cultivating the capabilities
    for providing the highest value to customers
    based on an open mindset.

  • Challenge

    Right people for Hancom Robotics aim for a higher
    objective based on a positive and progressive
    attitude, not fearing failure, for realizing
    the company vision.

  • Passion

    Right people for Hancom Robotics strive for
    concentration and collaboration for achieving
    common goals and make ceaseless effort to
    improvethe company’s competitiveness
    for leading the market.

Career Path

Staff (2 years) – Assistant Manager (5 years) – Section Manager (5 years) – Deputy Manager (5 years) - General Manager

Employee Benefits

Hancom Robotics provides different kinds of welfare programs for the affluent life quality of employees.

  • Recreational Facilities
  • Support for Family Events
  • Support for Educational Costs
  • Rewards for Long Service and
    Excellent Staff
  • Cafeteria
    (lunch / dinner supported,
    applies only for employees in HQ)
  • Refreshments
  • Other Welfare Benefits- Support for get-together expenses and team workshops- Gifts for Korean Traditional Holiday

Hancom Robotics welcomes talented persons having an open mindset and passion fitting
to the fourth industrial revolution.
Check the employment notice.


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